welcome veterans, family, and community members!

Post42 offers a space for our neighbors to socialize, hear live music, attend and plan events, hold meetings, and take advantage of member benefits. Be part of a premier veterans organization.

  • Participate in support activities for veterans and your local community.
  • Enjoy fellowship with veterans and their families.
  • Access to Legion Hall and a nicely stocked bar.
  • Discount on Hall rental.
  • Eligible for discounts on other goods and services through the Legion

Anyone from the community is welcome to join. 


Veterans can sign up through the National American Legion website. Use the links below to join or renew your membership


Sons of American Legion can join or renew their membership at Post 42. Come on in or register at the links below

Post 42 welcomes our neighbors. Anyone can become a member and take advantage of the amenities and benefits.

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