Post 42 Patio RULES

The POST 42 PATIO team is grateful for your patronage last summer and encouragement to continue in this challenging environment.  Now we are excited to start the next phase of a controlled reopening, by welcoming you and your family to come and enjoy both our patio and our new Beer Garden.

We all share a great responsibility to demonstrate that Evanston can begin to safely relax pandemic-fighting restrictions without causing a resurgence of disease.  We take this responsibility very seriously, and we trust you do as well.  None of us wants to see anyone get sick, nor do we want to see businesses have to close down again.  We strive to be a leading example of how to safely operate while maintaining the highest quality experience for our customers.

Part of safe operations is strictly following CDC guidelines about social distancing and prevention hygiene, such as frequently washing one’s hands and wearing face coverings, as well as cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.  Anyone that does not recognize and value the benefit of these steps for our community should stay home.  Anyone that does not respect our other guests and staff by following the rules outlined below will be asked to leave.

Our beautiful outdoor space gives us a unique opportunity to far exceed standard social distancing guidelines, and we have been working for weeks on a plan that will keep both our guests and staff safe and comfortable.  We’re excited to bring you this environment, however, some things will not look the same.

We ask that you please read and follow these rules, and encourage you to share them with friends and family that may plan to visit the POST 42 PATIO throughout the summer.  We will adapt as conditions and requirements change, so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, and visit our new website ( to get the latest updates.  We anticipate our phone will be busy.

Thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we all endeavor to get through these trying times together…in unity with beer and live music.

Key Changes:

  1. The Patio area will be operating at less than 50% capacity.  Seating for both the Patio and Beer Garden areas will be made available through our online reservation system.  Otherwise, seating will be first come, first served.  A non-refundable reservation fee will be required on most nights, and an additional cover charge will be included in the reservation on nights that have live music.  Cover charges will be refundable for cancelled shows due to inclement weather.  
  2. Please enter the area only at the North side of the building / parking lot area.  Prior to seating, membership will be verified and we will be doing a customer temperature check. Entry will be denied to anyone with a temperature of, or exceeding, 100.4°.  For your safety and ours, we will be sanitizing all tables, chairs, and surfaces between reservations. 
  3. All seating is 100% outside.  Seating in the Beer Garden area will be BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair.  Each outdoor space in the Beer Garden will be clearly marked with stakes and a light rope barrier to enforce social distancing with a 6-foot walkway between spaces.  Each space will have a maximum capacity based on the size of the space (20 sq. ft. per person).  As an example a 6-person space would include 120 sq. ft.  No more than 10 people can be in any single space. 
  4. NO CASH SALES. All ordering will be done online from YOUR PHONE. There is free WiFi available and ordering system can be accessed through our new website Please make sure someone in your party has a fully charged smartphone.
  5. Absolutely no outside food or drinks allowed.  In addition to our full bar, draft and canned beers, at this time we will be offering (3) varieties of pizzas, 7 flavors of our famous Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, various candy, chips, snacks and soft drinks.  We are renovating our kitchen and expect a significantly expanded menu later in the summer.
  6. Restrooms will be open and cleaned regularly.  We encourage only one patron to use the bathroom at a time.  Disinfectant soap and hand sanitizer will be made available.

Planning Your Visit:

  1. If you are feeling symptomatic or ill, please follow CDC guidelines and stay home.
  2. No groups over 10 permitted.
  3. NO CASH SALES. All ordering will be done online from YOUR PHONE. Please make sure someone in your party has a fully charged smartphone.
  4. All customers will be escorted to a table.
  5. No pets.

Staying Safe – Our Part:

  1. Staff members will have a temperature check and are required to inform us if experiencing any symptoms before every shift.
  2. All staff will be required to wear masks.
  3. We will have staff dedicated to cleaning and sanitation at all times.
  4. All Patio tables and Beer Garden spaces have been set 6 feet apart.
  5. All cups and service ware will be 100% disposable.

Staying Safe – Your Part:

  1. Guests are required to wear a face mask when not at their Patio table or in their Beer Garden space. Masks are also required when entering building for bathroom use.
  2. Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times.
  3. Walking the grounds other than to the restroom, entering/exiting is prohibited.
  4. Co-mingling, moving/combining furniture is not permitted.
  5. Gathering anywhere outside of your table or space is not permitted.
  6. Any guests that choose not to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave for the safety of our other guests and staff.

Steps for Ordering and Contactless Serving:

  1. NO CASH SALES. All ordering will be done online from YOUR PHONE.  Please make sure someone in your party has a fully charged smartphone.
  2. All alcohol orders will require an ID. We ask that you put your IDs on the serving table.  If wearing a mask at your table, the server will ask that you quickly remove your mask to verify identification.

We sincerely appreciate you taking these precautions seriously.  We’ll see you on the Patio and Beer Garden this summer!

– Mike and Brett

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