Post 42 Mugs – “Extra Beer Club”

Post 42 Mugs – “Extra Beer Club”

Order a Post 42 Mug that will be engraved with your name and kept at the bar in the 2nd floor Clubroom.

Choose what you would like to have engraved on the mug (within reason, no profanity) and we’ll hang it above the bar. Once your order is processed and the mug comes back from the engraver you are a member of the “Extra Beer Club”. As a member of the Club you get to use your mug for any draft beer you purchase in the 2nd floor Clubroom Bar. That’s an extra 4 ounces every time you fill up. Drop in enough and you’ll make your money back in no time.

Ordering one of these special mugs not only gets you more beer on every trip to the Clubroom but helps support Post 42.

After you order a mug we’ll send it out to the engraver. Engraving usually takes 3-4 weeks. When we get it back we’ll hang it above the bar and send you an email to let you know it’s in.


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