rental terms

By submitting your contract you agree to abide by our RENTAL TERMS below

  1. I will not bring in any outside beer, wine or liquor. I understand that ALL alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Evanston American Legion.
  2. I understand that setup and take down of tables, chairs and cleaning after the event is my (lessee) responsibility unless other arrangements are made with the club room manager.
  3. I understand that I may bring in a caterer of my choice. There is no access to the kitchen available unless it has been rented in the contract. No facilities are available to heat or cool food. Hand washing facilities are available in the designated bathrooms. All catering must be handled outside of the kitchen area unless the kitchen is rented.
  4. I understand that one bartender is included with your rental. If you have more than 50 guests an additional bartender is required at $50.00 per hour (see above).
  5. I understand that I am only renting the portion of the building and/or space checked above. Exclusive use does not include any areas outside the areas agreed to above.
  6. The deposit is refundable up to 30 days before the event. After 30 days the deposit is non-refundable.
  7. I agree to provide a valid credit card to be kept on file and charged at the end of the event.
  8. I agree that there will be no smoking within 25 feet of the building at any time. If guests smoke inside the building a $1,000.00 fine will be assessed at the end of the night. 
  9. I agree that music shall not be heard outside of the building any time after 10pm. Management in their sole discretion may request that music that is deemed excessively loud have the volume lowered. I agree to comply with any request to lower the volume from American Legion staff or officers.
  10. Music may be allowed in the outside space with a special event permit obtained from the city (lessee responsibility) and approval granted from the Club Manager. Please discuss outside music prior to submitting a contract.
  11. I agree premises will be vacated within 1/2 hour of the agreed upon event end time. This includes all cleanup.
  12. The bartender at his/her sole discretion may refuse to serve anyone at any time.
  13. Last call for beer/wine/liquor is 30 minutes before the agreed upon event end time or 30 minutes before closing time, whichever comes first.
  14. No gambling or illegal activity is allowed. If gambling or illegal activity occurs the event will be immediately halted and all guests asked to leave. Although legal in Illinois consumption of marijuana is still illegal at the federal level and the American Legion abides by federal rules.
  15. I agree that if I am using a caterer they will be appropriately licensed. Caterers are allowed access 2 hours before the event.
  16. I agree that any decorations that are stuck to walls, tables, doors or tables must have prior approval of the Club Manager and be done in such a way as to not damage the walls, floors, chairs, etc. No packing tape, masking tape, etc. that damages paint surfaces may be used. Only painters tape my be used. If anything other than painters tape is used there is an automatic charge of $500. If damage is estimated at more than $500 you will be charged the additional amount.
  17. I agree that the lessor shall not be liable to lessee or any of lessee’s guests for theft, robbery, burglary or any other loss or damage to personal property during the lease period.
  18. If the premises shall become damaged, destroyed or otherwise unavailable for reason of fire, smoke, storm, explosion, riot, war, Acts of God, irreconcilable conflicts of rentals, construction problems or any other force beyond the lessor’s control, the lease shall forthwith be automatically cancelled and the rental fee/deposit shall be forthwith returned.
  19. I agree this lease is subject to the repair and rebuilding programs contemplated by lessor and that I will accept the facilities available and usable on the rental date notwithstanding any changes necessitated by building requirements.
  20. I understand Evanston American Legion Post 42 carries Dram Shop insurance at its expense and for its protection only. Such insurance does not afford protection against liability under the Dram Shop Act to persons or corporations renting Post facilities.
  21. Acceptance of this contract is only valid after written approval by the Club Manager or his/her designated representative.
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